Sunday, March 17, 2013

Sadili's Malezi School Are County Basketball Finalists!

The Day, we had all been waiting for arrived and the excitement was flowing over. The championship stage was set, Malezi High and Upper Hill High School to play for the County Championship!

Malezi Varsity, the underdogs at the start of the high school league, had downed  the favorites Strathmore, breaking a long-time difficulty of advancing from position 3 in the county, by reaching the finals. Though both teams will represent the county at the regionals, boys were keen to play against the Upper Hill Varsity team for the title of the best team in the Nairobi County. Both teams came out with fire in their eyes and the intention of taking home the title and trophy; but the there can only be one.
The game started off with Malezi scoring the first basket of the game off a steal by Hamza Hersi. The game continued back and forth, basket for basket, until Upper Hill gained the advantage and went up 8-points from their full court trap.

The Malezi team fought back tenaciously and continued to claw their way back, but to no avail; Upper Hill clearly had the advantage of playing at home.

The fight brought the final score to 59-35 Upper Hill with the victory and the Championship.

Upper Hill claimed the title of the best team in Nairobi, while Malezi settled for second place and the opportunity to fight once more to be the best in the Metropolitan Tourney.


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