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The Annual Sadili Christmas BasketBall Tournament ...

Sadili Basketball Academy Kenya: The Annual Sadili Christmas BasketBall Tournament ...: Saturday 19 th December was full of excitement as players put up their best show and displayed some awesome talent, after a week of a b...

The Annual Sadili Christmas BasketBall Tournament and Camp Ends on A High Note!

Saturday 19th December was full of excitement as players put up their best show and displayed some awesome talent, after a week of a basketball training camp at Sadili Oval Sports Academy. The games were electric; loaded with ankle-breaking crossovers, show-stopping blocks and quietening three-pointers. “These kids have amazing talent” agreed Dr. Liz Odera, Director of Sadili, and an avid spectator and supporter. I can bet that this sentiment is shared by many who came to watch the games.
Four teams in the Under 12 and 14 categories participated: FEBA and Kayole both from Kayole, and Campers ‘A’ and ‘B’- teams composed of players who participated in the 4-day Annual Sadili Christmas Basketball Camp  week that saw 30 players aged between 10-16 years participate and gain key skills from Sadili coaches Joseph Amoko and Zack Okong’o, Dennis Orek of Little Prince as well as FIBA Certified coach Ronnie Owino.
The U-14 Girls finals featured a hotly contested match between FEBA and Kayole that saw the game end 06-04 in FEBA’s favor. Indeed Kayole’s sturdy defense was no match for the sharp crossovers of FEBA point-guard Caroline Njeri and sharp-shooting Elsie Teresia.

The U-12 boys’ match featured a struggling but relentless Campus ‘B’ team rally against Kayole which exhibited great poise, defense and teamwork and smoothly sailed on to the U-12 finals where they battled for the top spot with Campus ‘A’ who’s cunning point-guard Eugene Nyakundi scored three of their six points therefore leading his Campus ‘A’ team to a win in the U-12 category.

The U-14 boys’ match was one to watch as Campers ‘A’ contested for the championship with Kayole in a close match. Both teams competed with unmatched tenacity and grit putting up an amazing show of athleticism as forwards Jacob Ajuoi (Campers) and Allan Opiyo (Kayole) fiercely rebounded and hustled in the paint for their teams. Kayole quickly scored four points at the start of the game that did little to discourage a fighting Campers team whose Brian Mekula made two unbelievably tough lay-ups despite the beast-like presence of Allan Opiyo hence ending the first half at 06-04 to Kayole’s favor. In the second half Campus ‘A’ made a determined win as they kept coming back from their mistakes ending the game at 11-10 despite the effective ‘point-guarding’ of Sadili’s Dennis Karani who was playing for  Kayole and sharp-shooting of Frank Sabrim of Kayole.

The tournament was wound up by the awarding of four giant trophies. Special thanks to the coaches that made the tournament possible- Julian Ongoma and Archie of Kayole, Shem Otieno of FEBA and Dennis Orek of Little Prince Academy.

The exceptional holiday camp would never have been possible without the help of Dr. Liz Odera of Sadili assistance of Ronnie Owino and presence of Joseph Amoko.
Zack Okong’o, Organiser and Coach

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Sadili Flys to Semis At Madaraka Day Tourney, Nakuru

Sadili Basketball vs. Meningai High School 30-10

            The stage was set in Nakuru for the Madaraka Day Tournament and Sadili Basketball was there to compete for the cup. The first game of the day was Fly Society vs. Meningai High School.

            The game begun with Sadili running up the score to a surprising 10-0 first half performance against the East African contenders; with Zack Okong’o leading the way as the leader of the tam and the veteran player. Eddy Amos and James Gok, both young players, took their stand with the seasoned players and held their own with James Gok grabbing 4-rebounds and scoring 1-point.

            The game was an exciting one, but there can be only one winner and the better team won, with Fly Society taking the game all the way home finishing with 30-points to Meningai’s 12-points.

Leading Scorers:
Fred Odhiambo         15-points, 2-rebounds, 1-block
Lual Mathiang          5-points, 3-rebounds, 1-assist, 1-block
Madol Warkou         4-points, 1-rebound, 1-assist, 1-steal

Sadili Basketball vs. Nakuru Teacher’s College 40-12

            The second game was a more physical and a more competitive one, with the Nakuru Teacher’s College playing their best game of the day against the tourney favorites, Sadili.

            The first quarter was a hard fought battle with the teams being tied 10-10 at the end of the first quarter heading into the second. The teams fought back and forth to show who the better team was that day, but at the middle of the second quarter it became apparent just which team had the upper hand; Sadili kept up the momentum and concluded the game with a astounding performance over the teachers college.

            Maintaining their lead and the upper hand, Sadili cruised through the finish line with no problem, finishing the game with a 40-18 win over the Nakuru Teacher’s College and on to the semi-finals they advanced, looking forward to the championship and the cup.

Leading Scorers:

Zack Okong’O          14-points, 1-rebound, 1-assist
Hamza Hersi              8-points, 4-assists
Madol Warkou         9-points, 7-assists, 2-steals
Fred Odhiambo         8-points, 1-rebound, 1-block

Sadili vs. Unknown 12-17

            The semi-final game was under way and breaking news before the game; “their will now be only two halves and running clock of 12-minutes.” Told to the Sadili bench seconds before the commencement of the semi-final game of the Madaraka Day Tournament in Nakuru.

The game started off on a very fast pace and the tempo was high, the Sadili team, played two games prior and what seemed like back to back bouts, were on their heels. The unknown team brought the pressure and the offensive fire power down on the Sadili team and the bench was unable to match their steam.

            The first half ended with a 7-7 tied game and there seemed to be fatigue all throughout the Sadili team, could it be the lunch they ate minutes before the game or was it the fact that they have been playing and this new team had not played a game all day? Whatever it was, it wasn’t pretty.

            The second half begun and the Unknown team came out on the same rampage as before, playing a full court press and causing mayhem they quickly took the lead and held on tight. Fred Odhiambo and Brian both did their best to minimize the deficit, but to no avail the whitle blew and the game was over; Sadili Team 12-points, Unknown team 17-points.

            What a way to end the day, in the semi-finals against a team that has not been registered and or playing throughout the day… where did they appear from? 

Leading Scorers:
Fred Odhiambo         7-points
Brian Jelidza              2-points, 1-assist, 1-steal

Record: 3-1

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Sadili Basketball Pips Dankind Academy 40-22

It was an exciting afternoon of competitive basketball at Sadili Oval Sports Academy as the young and talented Sadili Basketball Academy team took on the athletic and experienced Thika Road-based Dankind Academy.

The favorites, Dankind Academy, came out of the huddle with enthusiasm and fire in their eyes, going on a quick 4-0 run at the beginning of the first quarter. With only a portion of their full team the home team, Sadili Basketball Academy, staged a come back with their leader Zack Okong’o taking charge and piloting the team to an 18-18 tied game at the half.

The second half was all Sadili as they settled and went on cruise control at the right altitude. The young players Eddy Amos and James Gok were both on the court for significant minutes, but had to take a seat and allow the veterans to finish the game:

Leading Scorers:
Zack Okong’o           16-points, 3-rebounds and 2-steals
Fred Odhiambo         8-points, 7-rebounds and 3-blocks
John Madol               6-points, 3-steals
Hamza Hersi              6-points, 3 assists

Having coming off the bench John Madol and Hamza Hersi both combined for 12 of the teams 40 points. John Madol played a great defensive game having 3 steals that transitioned into fast-break points on the other end of the court. The Sadili Basketball team travels to Nakuru this Saturday for the Madaraka Day Tournament. Don’t miss the next exciting game at home (Sadili Oval Sports Academy) when they team takes on their next competitor.


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